About Us


Our company is a professional metal processing company which has been operating since 1986. Cast iron, forged steels, steel bars, cast aluminum and brass materials are processed.

Our company; automotive, work machine, white goods, valves and machinery has a wide and flexible production network. Starting from 2015, Agrima brand has started to produce gearbox and control used in agriculture machines.

Research and Development

Produce products to customer needs, requirements and high quality, Parallel to the developments in world technologies. Customer requirements, demand for affordable and high quality, designed using CAD-CAM programs are produced in their own molds and fixtures context. Custom designs are designed very quickly in the direction of customer needs and presented to the service of the customers.


Products; taking in the entire process from raw materials that are up to the mounting structure; CNC horizontal machining centers, CNC turnings, CNC gear rocessing centers, gear cutting and rasing machines meets the demands of customers with expert and skilled team of full-time manufacturing philosophy.


All kinds of dimensional measurements measured with the most modern quality measuring devices. Production make with CMM (3D Measuring Machine), hardness meter, profile projection, surface roughness meter and work-specific measurement tools.


Assembling of the products is done with a team of experts. After installation, products are subjected to leakage, pressure, temperature and flow test. Products are delivered with proper product quality.